Our Exquisite Canned Tequila Cocktails are a Passport to Great Taste!

Sip into the sunshine with ‘EL COCKTAILS,’ a tequila-infused escapade that brings vacation vibes straight to you. This isn’t just a drink; it’s a mini fiesta, blending the essence of Mexico into every sip.

Dive into the heart of EL COCKTAILS

where tequila and Real Juice take the stage, and the party follows suit
Our tequila-based canned cocktails, featuring the classic Margarita and the lively Paloma

Crafted for those who crave an authentic taste experience. 
No seltzers here—just real juice, low carbonation, and an easy 
7% ABV in a 355 mL can.

EL COCKTAILS isn't just a brand
it's a mission

We're dedicated to delivering the authentic spirit of tequila, 
mixed with real juice, in every can.

Join us in redefining the art of tequila indulgence—one ‘EL COCKTAIL’ at a time. 
Salud to authenticity, flavor, and a sip of the good life!

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Please Enjoy Responsibly